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We are a unique blend of beer and tech geeks.

Lost kegs cost the global industry over $300 million every year.

Katch helps every brewery reduce that number.

And by reducing idle time, Katch improves efficiency to allow producers to focus on what they do best - produce great product.

By having a deep understanding of the keg supply chain coupled, with a world leading hardware and software capability, we know where to help.

Katch’s real time scan free keg tracking.

Location and temperature insights allowing you to move kegs more effectively, at a simple and affordable price.

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Meet the Team

The Katch team includes actual keg owners, beer aficionados and logistics and technical experts.

Adam Trippe-Smith
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Adam has 15+ years’ in the beverage industry having co-founded Konvoy Group. Prior to that he founded Kegstar, McLaren Vale Beer Company, Riot Wine Co and White Bay Beer Co. Adam provides a broad range of skills ranging across strategy, corporate development and commercial management.

Marc Eggins
Co-Founder & General Manager

Marc has 17 years’ in freight & logistics operations and 6 years’ experience managing large keg pools across the supply chain, also having co-founded Konvoy. Marc’s deep understanding of keg logistics and the supply chain has provided him with the insight to design a tracking device that meets the needs of other keg owners.

Patrick Hanrahan
Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Patrick has 12 years’ experience across finance and commercial, including 6 years experience in keg management, having co-founded Konvoy. Patrick manages the commercial and financial elements of the device production and commercialisation.

James Yong
Head of IoT

James has 16+ years’ experience building and managing massive IoT eco-systems and implemented advanced data analytics using machine learning and A.I. James heads the development of new hardware and software applications across the business.

Bhaumik Patel
Cloud System Engineer

Bhaumik has 10+ years of experience in the IT industry across software cloud platforms. His current focus is on architecting, designing, developing, and implementing cloud solutions on AWS platforms.

Jun Chen
Data Scientist

Jun has joined the team having obtained his PhD degree in Actuarial Studies. Jun is primarily focused on developing machine learning algorithms based on geospatial data and applying them to solve practical problems that all keg owners face in keg tracking.

Heiko Wiebel
New Business Director - Europe

Heiko leads new business across Europe, having 20 years’ experience in the beverage supplier industry (kegs, beverage cans, draft beer dispense equipment) and 7 years’ experience in the electronics industry.

For the last 24 months Katch has been testing the best designed hardware and software specifically for kegs.

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This has been tested on over 120,000 kegs to date and we have now found the optimal data flow and reliability to manage repeatable performance, at scale.